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Mini Motocross and Pit Bike Performance Handbook

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Product Name: Mini Motocross and Pit Bike Performance Handbook

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Whether it's geared up for racing, tricked out as a pit bike, used to teach kids how to ride, or simply to take a spin, the small motorcycle takes as much care as its full-size counterpart. This book, by one of the world's foremost off-road motorcycle builders, tells you everything you need to know to keep your mini-motocross or playbike running smoothly, safely, and, of course, in style. This comprehensive handbook, the first of its kind, covers a variety of models--mini motocross racers from 50cc to 100cc, and small playbikes from 50cc to 250cc. A complete buying guide helps readers determine which of the small motorcycles best suit their needs. The book provides clearly detailed information on maintenance schedules, procedures, and the tools, materials, and space youll need. Going that extra mile, Forward Motion's Eric Gorr offers model-specific suggestions for modifying the bikes to improve performance on and off the racetrack. He also includes sample builds of some of the most popular race and playbikes on the market.
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Mini Motocross and Pit Bike Performance Handbook
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