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Freestyle Motocross Jump Tricks from the Pros

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Bust big with all the hottest pros competing in freestyle motocross, the phenomenal sport that combines the finesse and athleticism of Supercross with the aerial insanity of half-pipe BMX. Up-close and personal color photographs of stars like Mike Metzger, Seth Enslow, Travis Pastrana, and Trevor Vines take readers through step-by-step instructions for no-footed can-cans, candybars, nac-nacs, fendergrabs, and more of the mind-bending acrobatics seen in such competitions as the X-Games. A brief history of the sport is also included, along with tips on setting up a dirt bike for freestyle and a supplemental gallery of wild shots from competition and practice sessions. Sftbd., 8 1/4 x 10 5/8, 128 pages, 200 color ill.
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Freestyle Motocross Jump Tricks from the Pros
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