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Dutch girl Marianne Veenstra will ride WMA Pro race at Steel City

Already for 2 years Marianne Veenstra tryed to enter a Womens Motocross Association Pro race in the United States. But everytime she wanted to compete, she was to young, in 2005 it was only 5 day’s, and she had to wait untill she was 15 years old. But now the Dutch girl from Harkema, in the province Friesland, is old enough and this year here dream will come trough. Marianne will enter the WMA Pro race at Steel City on Saterday the 2nd of September. She wil ride on a Cernics Racing Suzuki RMZ 250 and wear FOX Gear with a Arai helmet. Marianne has already a WMA Pro number and because here Dutch number ( #285) was already give away she took # 43, that’s the number she rides with in the FIM Women’s Motocross World Cup 2006. Marianne will also enter the Amateurday at Steel City on Friday the first September, to get used on the Cernics Suzuki and also as practice for the WMA Pro race. Ad the weekend there will be also a interview for the collom "5 Minutes With" from the RacerX Magazine. And Marianne
will be also doing the WMA Pro Autograph Session on Sunday – September 3rd from 11:30am till 12:30pm.

Over here, in Holland, Marianne Veenstra rides in the Youth MX 2 (Lites) class on a Pol Motors Suzuki RMZ 250 when there is no German DMV FOX Ladie’s race or other Lady’s cross in Europe. She also enterd the German DMV FOX Lady’s races where she,in 2005, became 5th overall. Steffi Laier was the champion with Larissa Papenmeier as second and Alexandra Haupt on thirth place, 3 lady’s who raced WMA races in the past. Marianne has also bin for 2 times in Japan for the 85cc race there, last year as added class for the GP MX 1 and GP MX 2. This year Marianne will enter also the 2 FIM Women’s MX World Cup races, where the first one was on 7th of May in Teutschenthal Germany. She finished there as 9th overall with Katherine Prumm as winner, Livia Lancelot second and former WMA champ Steffi Laier got third. In the German DMV Fox Lady’s cup race she is now on the 6th place after 6 races where Marianne had two DNF’s in the first race.

Marianne, her parents and older sister, will be hosted in the USA at the family McConnell, they will pick them up from the airport, give them a place to sleep and bring them to the Steel City Raceway track. At the race day’s John and Valerie will give the Veenstra’s also a place to stay while the Veenstra’s will sleep in a hotel near by the track. That hotel is areenged bij people from BellCo, the organisator from the National at Steel City Raceway. After the race the Mc Connell’s will bring the Veenstra’s back to the airport on Monday for their flight back to Amsterdam. in Holland.

During the day’s that the Veenstra’s are at the race track they will have support from Hans Stolk, who was already bin for three times in Delmont - Steel City. He made the dream of Marianne come trough this year.